Monday, June 22, 2009

Travel time. . .

Here we go. I told yall its about time to hit the road. This week Im off to Denver for another BIG TUNE competition. 12 more competitors, but only one more winner. Can't wait to see yall there.

This weeks mix is a June 16th dedication to 2 Pac. You can download the mix here - - or - - if you just wanna listen you can click here.

Here's some comedy. Watch this every day for comic relief... HILARIOUS. And follow my twitter for all the latest updates and family feudin!

Monday, June 8, 2009


So last week we got 3days of complete sunshine and beauty in Seattle. On the evening of the third sunshine day, the winds from the gates of hell break loose. The sky disappears, clouds scroll by quickly, rain drizzles in, streets are empty and the scent of fear is in the air. There's been a full moon for 3 days like time is paused, and this morning I arose to that same moon only its RED!! Dude im goin back to sleep.

If this is my life, its your life. Call Captain Kirk we need some answers! This weeks mix is for the soul/funk lovers. Poppers, lockers, dancers & music lovers all around. Get into this one yall! To DOWNLOAD it ckick here, or JUST LISTEN TO IT click here. Also be sure to check out my lil website for similar mixes, news, and pictures. Until next time

Blessings & Love

DV One

oh yeah... here's yet another reason why skinny jeans don't work on men.