Tuesday, November 24, 2009


DON'T DO DRUGS! If you wanna get high, then do like me... GO PARAGLIDING! Anyway, last week was full of adventure and risk. In the middle of practicing for the MLS cup halftime performance I thought it would be a good idea to goto the gymnastic gym. I mean I havent been to one in like 15+ years. Should be fun right? I mean, I can still do that stuff. Just stretch a lil bit first...

Needless to say, I was a bit rusty. Flipped around on the floor and mats, hit the bars and rings, then made my way to the trampoline. This is where it gets interesting. Flipped around w my fellow crew member for a second then... it happens. Back flip, bounce, back flip, bounce, front flip, bounce...front flip...and..WAIT where's the trampoline?? Oh wait, thats the floor- the very hard non cushioned, non bouncy floor. HARD LANDING, foot swells, pain follows :(

Couldnt practice the rest of the week, didnt do the halftime performance w my crew, and still limpin a lil bit now. Crazy thing is I'll be back to that same gym(God willing) as soon as I heal :) Below is the video of how it all went down (minus the fall itself)

Nonetheless, the halftime performance was great and MASSIVE MONKEES absolutely KILLED IT.

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DV One

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Still goin STRONG!!

Here it is yall... We made it to November! Thanksgiving is close and Xmas is right around the corner... Then, the new year. I cant speak for yall, but I'm excited for 2010. Anyway this weeks update is a re-cap of the last couple weeks.

Like I said on my tweets, BIG TUNE finals in Atlanta wins the "keep it real" award of the year. Battles between Mr Porter and Tha Bizness, Alchemist and Just Blaze... Star studded hip hop event with up & coming producers fightin it out on stage, and culminating with a performance by Jadakiss. Not to mention the 206 squad doin what we do! J moore, Vita D, Jake Uno, and DV... cmon man, if you wasnt there... u MISSSED OUTT!! check the clips below if you aint knowin.

for more footage CLICK HERE to be directed to the IFWI blog page. U gotta see em all

For me its back to the town to do my club thing, and prepare for the holiday season. My new mix is available too. CLICK HERE to begin immediate download. dont forget to join my podcast for this and any other mix you may have missed. Also be sure to check this months issue of D-List magazine for the article on M-Pulse lounge. The new hot spot for sure. If/when you're in Seattle, hit me up and we'll take care of you. Vancouver too, come down and kick it wit us.

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One Love

DV One
Massive Monkees
Rock Steady Crew

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sooooo.. been a while huh??

I know, I know ok.. sorrry.. Ive been extra, extra busy with travel, recording, parenthood, work, and play. I even got to see Tour Mama for a lil bit last week. GIVE THANKS! Anyway since the last time i wrote in this blog (20 trips, and 10 weeks ago) ALOTTT has happened. Ive done several lil mixes, got a PODCAST page, did redbull 45's in 2 cities, BIG TUNE in 8, all of the seahawks 09 home games to date, a sounders event with RPS, Tulalip Casino, Ramadan, and PLENTY more... Oh yeah did I mention vegas, with De La Soul, Alchemist, and JUST BLAZE?? yeah that too.. Oh yeah and thanks again Las Vegas, you gave me the gamblin bug... GREAT!

So because I've been delinquent on the blog imma give yall double whatchu normally get.. 2 pix and 2 videos. So many stories to tell, from Seattle, to Hawaii, to NYC, ATL, New Orleans, Detroit, Chicago, Vegas like 4 times, Minneapolis, Butte, Texas, New Jersey..its been NONSTOP. Which is why I'm happy to just be home for a lil bit, even if its just a week, I'll take it. The expired milk in my fridge has been replaced, and I restocked the cupboards.
We'll save the stories for when there's more time to talk... For now I'll leave you with some visuals and a glimpse into the future. The next few months, and upcoming year, are set to look really great... From remix projects, to more club ventures, radio, and travel... LETS GET IT YALL! Be sure to download my latest mix, and stay tuned for more to come...

But whatever you do... most importantly... be safe, as the following video demonstrates...(kinda)

Rest In Paradise to a major inspiration, legend, champion, and personal friend... Grand Master Roc Raida. We love you, and miss you bro...

ROC RAIDA TRIBUTE | DJ CRAZE from 13thWitness™ on Vimeo.

Monday, September 14, 2009


whattup blogger family!

its been a minute since the last time i wrote. 10 different cities, several mixes, weddings, work, travel, and alotta running around! Big up to all my peeps at tulalip casino, Juan, Carlos, Billy, Taleena, Angie, Brett and Dennis... Yall holdin it DIZZOWN! Big up to the winners at big tune MPLS and, Detroit. Another shout to my crew members holdin it down on MTV's ABDC massive monkees... keep up the great work. We love you and rootin for u back home. Shouts to my RSC family Smerk and Double Tee who came out to support 45's a couple weeks ago at LAX.

If you've missed any of the last couple mixes be sure to click here to get em. This weeks mix is called soul girl, and is dedicated to exactly that. The soul girl, the funky screamer, the soulstress that got somethin good to say. CLICK HERE to begin your immediate download. This weeks mix makes 27 mixes in the gallery to choose from.

Also TODAY on Fuse at 10pm is the final screening of Red Bull Big Tune. Look at the e-flier and tune in if possible. Click HERE for more info and you tube clip! If you missed seeing us on BET, here's your chance to watch again.

Until next time...


Monday, July 20, 2009

on the road again...

This week will prove to be quite the adventure. Alotta cities in a couple days... Big Tune Chicago, Rock Steady Anniversary, Capitol Hill Block Party, and the regular club circuit! Wish me luck. If you havent already downloaded my Michael Jackson tribute, then CLICK HERE to begin your download. This weeks mix is a bunch of soul classics I threw together. You can download that by CLICKING HERE. I'll write more from Chicago. Big up to A-Trak, all the folks in Butte MT at the national folk festival, All Massive Monkee Crew, Juan and the homees at Tulalip. Im on my way to the airport yall.. Hopefully u don't see me on the news.

this weeks video is just wrong... in wayyy too many ways

Monday, June 22, 2009

Travel time. . .

Here we go. I told yall its about time to hit the road. This week Im off to Denver for another BIG TUNE competition. 12 more competitors, but only one more winner. Can't wait to see yall there.

This weeks mix is a June 16th dedication to 2 Pac. You can download the mix here - - or - - if you just wanna listen you can click here.

Here's some comedy. Watch this every day for comic relief... HILARIOUS. And follow my twitter for all the latest updates and family feudin!

Monday, June 8, 2009


So last week we got 3days of complete sunshine and beauty in Seattle. On the evening of the third sunshine day, the winds from the gates of hell break loose. The sky disappears, clouds scroll by quickly, rain drizzles in, streets are empty and the scent of fear is in the air. There's been a full moon for 3 days like time is paused, and this morning I arose to that same moon only its RED!! Dude im goin back to sleep.

If this is my life, its your life. Call Captain Kirk we need some answers! This weeks mix is for the soul/funk lovers. Poppers, lockers, dancers & music lovers all around. Get into this one yall! To DOWNLOAD it ckick here, or JUST LISTEN TO IT click here. Also be sure to check out my lil website for similar mixes, news, and pictures. Until next time

Blessings & Love

DV One

oh yeah... here's yet another reason why skinny jeans don't work on men.

Monday, May 25, 2009

20 Mixes...

20 mixes! WOW! Yup 20 of em.. all available for free on my lil website... It's kind of a big deal. Anyway 3day weekend. Gotta love it. Kick back, soak up some sun, and enjoy some good music...or, enjoy a good freestyle battle. Guy vs Girl, Spoken word vs Rap. Now this my friends is entertaining to say the least :)

Also very entertaining is my most recent mix... 27 minutes of listening pleasure. DIRECT DOWNLOAD HERE or, just listen by clicking HERE

until next time yall. Take care of yourself..and each other.

DV One

Monday, May 11, 2009

100 plus degrees!

LIVE FROM PHX AZ!! Im tired and am going to sleep. However I would like to thank everyone for their feedback on the posts and emails! It is Monday and i hav a new post, a new mix and a new video for you to spend your valuable time looking at. Be careful out there, as you can see it can be a dangerous world.

I send out new mixes every other week. But remember, if you miss a mix you can download all of them HERE!

until next time,


Monday, April 27, 2009


That's exactly what Imma do this time around... Short and sweet. Big UP to DOW JONES, Cosmo Baker, Rich Medina, Sake 1, and Fran Boogie. They all came to the town last week. RESPECT!

this next lil video is a dedication to all the rappers who still "keep it real"! This clip proves ya gotta be true to the game. Until next time... lata

Monday, April 13, 2009

I deed it...

YO!! First off thanks to all of you who tuned in to BIG TUNE on BET last weekend. Now onto the drama...

You would think that as people get older that they gain a sense of consciousness. You would think that people would put a little more thought into their actions, or at least a lil research. I guess age plays no role in the evolution of someones mind. As this next clip shows

This weeks mix is a collection of independent and underground goodies. Its 27mins31secs of joints u probly haven't heard. click HERE to listen, or click HERE to download. Im off to Houston, Seattle, and SF (unless i pull a beyonce) for this weeks schedule... Happy post Easter to those that celebrate, I got the cutest lil video email! Holidays are cool! Until next time... Dueces

Monday, March 30, 2009

Only 1 week huh?

Im tired so this is gonna be quick... Fresh back from Miami for WMC.
Big up to Sally from DMC, Steve 1der, DJ Spider, DJ Tina T(happy bday), DJ Girl 6, A-Trak, Tony Touch, Sab, Soni (remember my name!), Louie Vega, Crazy Legs, Mike May aka DJ Trainwreck aka Tdub, Dean Standing, KNS, Akee, SUPER DUPER BIG UP TO I-Dee, Geometrix, DJ Deluxe, Jazzy Jeff, Mayda del Valle, Tom LaRoc, United Content Providers, DJ Rugged 1, Nancy (Amsterdam), DJ Risk One, Atlantis, DJ Fashen, DJ Nature, Adie (luv ur name), and superstar Sorraya!

I usually try to keep these videos somewhat comical, but this week I'm
on some straight tropical... Peep this dude out, and pray u never get
slapped in ur mouth by him.

My mix this week is tropical too, so click here to download.

until next time...


Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

10 days...

Whattup yall!! So these last couple days have been a very difficult emotional struggle. I've been looking to find some spiritual guidance. So I asked around and I was directed to a preacher who has been said to "keep it really real" and "doesn't hold back". All I can say is WOW... They were right, but I'm just not sure if this is the direction I wanna go... I guess I'll keep lookin for guidance... 

On a better note... I rocked the stage this weekend for both sold out BLUE SCHOLAR shows... Big up to all the homees that came out and everyone that performed... Tilson, Sonny Bonoho, Truckasaurus, Common Market, Pearl, Macklemore, Nphared, Grynch, Physics, my man Ouware on the horns, and MashHall aka They Live. Good work yall! Everyone there completely ripped it. I even saw asun gettin down a lil bit. Be sure to check out todays show w Dyme Def... Guaranteed to be hot!

As always with blog time comes MIX TIME... This weeks mixtape is a couple biggie joints I threw together. We lost him in March so I figured it was an appropriate time to do it. Click HERE TO LISTEN and/or
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD For previous mixes please visit www.DJDVONE.com

Love Always...

DV One

Thursday, March 5, 2009


b-boys, b-girls, and
hip hop culture in new york
by joseph schloss
In the late 1970s and early 80s, B-Boying (mistakenly known as breakdancing) along with DJ'ing, rapping, and graffiti art, soared to national recognition and popularity. While the latter three have gone on to varying degrees of success and lasting impact, b-boying has largely been dismissed as just another I Love the '80s fad, along with the Rubik's Cube and Wham! Now, for the first time, the Hip-Hop staple, which has flourished in the underground scene for more than thirty years, receives some due credit.

In his new book FOUNDATION: B-Boys, B-Girls, and Hip-Hop Culture in New York author Joseph Schloss has researched the art of the b-boy, and the b-girl, from the ground level. Based on interviews with many significant figures in the dance's movement, Schloss examines the genre's afterlife in underground venues in New York and around the world. From African tradition to professional gymnastics; from the Incredible Bongo Band's 1973 dance hit "Apache" to the iconic martial artist Bruce Lee, FOUNDATION illustrates the unique history and influences of the b-boy, and b-girl, culture.

FOUNDATION: B-Boys, B-Girls, and Hip-Hop Culture in New York by Joseph Schloss : A paperback original, by Oxford University Press 2009 (oup.com)
$19.95 | 192 pages | ISBN: 9780195334067

Buy your copy at your local bookstore or online retailer such as Amazon.com bn.com or powells.com!

Interviewees Include:
Alien Ness 
Amigo Rock
B-Girl Emiko
Anthony Colon
Michael Holman
Kaotic Blaze
King Uprock
Eddie Luna
PJay 7 
DJ Mr. Supreme
Pop Master Fabel
B-Boy Ru
Break Easy
B-Girl SeoulSonyk
Ken Swift
Tiny Love
Trac 2
Waaak One

Monday, March 2, 2009

YAY AREA | DR DRE | Roc-A-Fella

This weeks blog live from san fran/oakland BABEEEE!! Big ups to all my folks down here Abby, Tare, Short, P-Lo, Glenda, Fran Boogie, Marc Garvy, Jumbo, Similak, Rasta Que Tip, Paul Skeee, Davey D, Mal, Beni B, Steph, PB Wolf, D Paul, Q Bert, Leah, Big Al Aquino, Swift Rock, even T-Dubb in San Jose.. Too many to name in this lil blog. Anyway we did an all Roc-a-Fella set at Milk on saturday. The club nite was super DUMM Bananas.. Shortkut is a fooooolio.. Big up to Short for endin the night by playin keith sweat "make it last forever"!! Whatttt!? Ur a nut bro.. I love it!

I'd also like to thank Gage, Dr. Dre, and Monster Cable Products for hookin me up with a new pair of "beats by dre" headphones... Im feelin these joints especially for DJ's and producers... we may hafta get these guys on board with Big Tune this year. for more info check them out by clicking here.

Blue Scholars Rocked the next nite with Keelay & Zaire, and Vin-Roc.. Another really good show. I learned a lot on this trip... Got down to earth and did some soul searching.. While doing so, I had a conversation with a bird... A real bird.. And I never knew animals cussed so much. So I did some research online and found this video that proves its true... I guess we're more alike than we know... Check it out and stay tuned for more to come.. Also to hear my latest mix click here or goto my website to get them all!!

Peace & Love

A SUPER DUPER shout goes to lil aimz for makin this whole trip worf while.
I LOOOOOOOVES YOU! (this video contains explicit language)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Accidents can and do happen. . .

Please be careful out there, as my next lil clip shows anything can happen at anytime no matter how cool you are. Be sure to check my website for new downloads, pics, and calendar info... Love yall see ya next time! 

Monday, February 2, 2009


Now that we got that out of the way, on to black history month. Annnnnd 18 or so more days of the aquarian calendar. This week is the launch of DVTV on my blog. I want your comments and feedback. This show was banned in several countries and is very controversial. I'm gonna let the video speak for itself. See yall next time.

Monday, January 19, 2009

what a great month. . .

Notice the crease!
Its a new wintery week. Many of you have chapped lips, and many more of you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Well what better way to start the week than with a day off! WOOHOO! Be sure to give thanks, recognize and appreciate those that paid dues to make it happen. Today MLK day, tomorrow we watch history.

Happy birthday shout to all my fellow January babies. I'll list a few, but as you'll see, January is clearly a month of legends including:
Iron Mike Brysen, Elvis Presley, Aaliyah, Sade, Oprah, Mary J. Blige, Jimmy Page, Janis Joplin, Muhammad Ali, Al Capone, Sam Cooke, Steve Perry, Anita Baker, Ben Franklin, Phil Collins, Aaron Neville, Niel Diamond, Mozart, Bean One, Angela Davis, Wayne Gretzky, LL Cool J, Vidal Sassoon, Dolly Parton :), Robert Palmer, Alicia Keys, Kid Rock, Rob Zombie, Justin Timberlake, Rod Stewart, Pat Benetar, Joan Baez, Jimmy Page, David Bowie, Crystal Gayle, Paul Revere, Marilyn Manson, Floyd Patterson, Tia Carrere :), Joan of Arc,  George Foreman, Jazzy Jeff, Joe Frazier, Jackie Robinson, Ernie Banks, Jack Nicklaus, Jim Carey, Nolan Ryan, John Hancock, Sarah McLachlan, Mary Lou Retton, Norman Mailer, J.R.R Tolkien, Charo, Bill Maher, Martin Luther King jr, John Johnson, Michelle Obama, Crazy Legs, John Paul Jones, Edgar Allan Poe, Paul Newman, Eddie Van Halen, Corazon Aquino, Teresa Teng, Wolfman Jack, Kate Moss, Hakeem Olajuwon, William McKinney, Franklin Roosevelt, Kirk Franklin, Ellen Degeneres, James Earl Jones, Placido Domingo, Dr Daniel Hale Williams, R. Kelley, Howard Stern, Alvin Ailey, Kenny Logins, and most of all TOM SELLECK!.. oh yeah and me, my brother, my nephew and my kid. I know I left some out, but you get the idea. January babies set trends and get it in! 

Once again I would like to dedicate this blog to the inner singer in all of us. Singing is a great way to express yourself and entertain people at the same time... Like this guy does. Apparently he can hear the children cry. . .

if u haven't already, be sure to goto www.DJDVONE.com for mixes, music and much more

Monday, January 5, 2009



Big up to Rich Medina for havin me out to APT on New Years Eve to bring it in REALLY RIGHT! Another super shout and Happy Bday to Crazy Legs who also had me out to DJ his exclusive, invite only BDAY party at 320 studios in NYC! Thank you to Ari, Tony Touch, Louie Vega, Red Alert, Pop Master Fabel, Red Alert, Joselle, Q Unique, Eclipse, D-Stroy, Joe Conzo, Grandmaster Caz, Grand Master Melle Mel and my new woman(wink wink*) Elaine from Ciroc! (u have my heart in ur hands, be careful with it)

tony touch, crazy legs, dv one, rosie perez, q unique

Just thought I'd start the new year off proper. So be sure to keep checkin in for new mixes, remixes, videos, and more. This week is gonna be a good one... 2080's on wed,  joints and jams on thur, Yes we can can (San Fran) on fri, and Yo SON! on sat... 

lastly I'd like to give u a lil something to watch and listen to. Its very rare these days to find sincere talent, and someone giving their all to something. So let this clip serve as inspiration to all of you to go out there and try...TRY HARD to be good! And remember to put ur heart into whatchu do... like this guy does