Monday, March 2, 2009

YAY AREA | DR DRE | Roc-A-Fella

This weeks blog live from san fran/oakland BABEEEE!! Big ups to all my folks down here Abby, Tare, Short, P-Lo, Glenda, Fran Boogie, Marc Garvy, Jumbo, Similak, Rasta Que Tip, Paul Skeee, Davey D, Mal, Beni B, Steph, PB Wolf, D Paul, Q Bert, Leah, Big Al Aquino, Swift Rock, even T-Dubb in San Jose.. Too many to name in this lil blog. Anyway we did an all Roc-a-Fella set at Milk on saturday. The club nite was super DUMM Bananas.. Shortkut is a fooooolio.. Big up to Short for endin the night by playin keith sweat "make it last forever"!! Whatttt!? Ur a nut bro.. I love it!

I'd also like to thank Gage, Dr. Dre, and Monster Cable Products for hookin me up with a new pair of "beats by dre" headphones... Im feelin these joints especially for DJ's and producers... we may hafta get these guys on board with Big Tune this year. for more info check them out by clicking here.

Blue Scholars Rocked the next nite with Keelay & Zaire, and Vin-Roc.. Another really good show. I learned a lot on this trip... Got down to earth and did some soul searching.. While doing so, I had a conversation with a bird... A real bird.. And I never knew animals cussed so much. So I did some research online and found this video that proves its true... I guess we're more alike than we know... Check it out and stay tuned for more to come.. Also to hear my latest mix click here or goto my website to get them all!!

Peace & Love

A SUPER DUPER shout goes to lil aimz for makin this whole trip worf while.
I LOOOOOOOVES YOU! (this video contains explicit language)

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