Monday, March 30, 2009

Only 1 week huh?

Im tired so this is gonna be quick... Fresh back from Miami for WMC.
Big up to Sally from DMC, Steve 1der, DJ Spider, DJ Tina T(happy bday), DJ Girl 6, A-Trak, Tony Touch, Sab, Soni (remember my name!), Louie Vega, Crazy Legs, Mike May aka DJ Trainwreck aka Tdub, Dean Standing, KNS, Akee, SUPER DUPER BIG UP TO I-Dee, Geometrix, DJ Deluxe, Jazzy Jeff, Mayda del Valle, Tom LaRoc, United Content Providers, DJ Rugged 1, Nancy (Amsterdam), DJ Risk One, Atlantis, DJ Fashen, DJ Nature, Adie (luv ur name), and superstar Sorraya!

I usually try to keep these videos somewhat comical, but this week I'm
on some straight tropical... Peep this dude out, and pray u never get
slapped in ur mouth by him.

My mix this week is tropical too, so click here to download.

until next time...


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