Monday, September 14, 2009


whattup blogger family!

its been a minute since the last time i wrote. 10 different cities, several mixes, weddings, work, travel, and alotta running around! Big up to all my peeps at tulalip casino, Juan, Carlos, Billy, Taleena, Angie, Brett and Dennis... Yall holdin it DIZZOWN! Big up to the winners at big tune MPLS and, Detroit. Another shout to my crew members holdin it down on MTV's ABDC massive monkees... keep up the great work. We love you and rootin for u back home. Shouts to my RSC family Smerk and Double Tee who came out to support 45's a couple weeks ago at LAX.

If you've missed any of the last couple mixes be sure to click here to get em. This weeks mix is called soul girl, and is dedicated to exactly that. The soul girl, the funky screamer, the soulstress that got somethin good to say. CLICK HERE to begin your immediate download. This weeks mix makes 27 mixes in the gallery to choose from.

Also TODAY on Fuse at 10pm is the final screening of Red Bull Big Tune. Look at the e-flier and tune in if possible. Click HERE for more info and you tube clip! If you missed seeing us on BET, here's your chance to watch again.

Until next time...