Monday, March 16, 2009

10 days...

Whattup yall!! So these last couple days have been a very difficult emotional struggle. I've been looking to find some spiritual guidance. So I asked around and I was directed to a preacher who has been said to "keep it really real" and "doesn't hold back". All I can say is WOW... They were right, but I'm just not sure if this is the direction I wanna go... I guess I'll keep lookin for guidance... 

On a better note... I rocked the stage this weekend for both sold out BLUE SCHOLAR shows... Big up to all the homees that came out and everyone that performed... Tilson, Sonny Bonoho, Truckasaurus, Common Market, Pearl, Macklemore, Nphared, Grynch, Physics, my man Ouware on the horns, and MashHall aka They Live. Good work yall! Everyone there completely ripped it. I even saw asun gettin down a lil bit. Be sure to check out todays show w Dyme Def... Guaranteed to be hot!

As always with blog time comes MIX TIME... This weeks mixtape is a couple biggie joints I threw together. We lost him in March so I figured it was an appropriate time to do it. Click HERE TO LISTEN and/or
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD For previous mixes please visit

Love Always...

DV One


  1. wow. wow wow wow.
    i wonder if the holy spirit is straightening out his eye...

  2. im flowing straight from the survival scroll!!!
    i thot it was a phone book...

  3. yeah they killed it yesterday. but what is up with this preacher?? that shit right there... that shit right there... wow.

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