Tuesday, November 24, 2009


DON'T DO DRUGS! If you wanna get high, then do like me... GO PARAGLIDING! Anyway, last week was full of adventure and risk. In the middle of practicing for the MLS cup halftime performance I thought it would be a good idea to goto the gymnastic gym. I mean I havent been to one in like 15+ years. Should be fun right? I mean, I can still do that stuff. Just stretch a lil bit first...

Needless to say, I was a bit rusty. Flipped around on the floor and mats, hit the bars and rings, then made my way to the trampoline. This is where it gets interesting. Flipped around w my fellow crew member for a second then... it happens. Back flip, bounce, back flip, bounce, front flip, bounce...front flip...and..WAIT where's the trampoline?? Oh wait, thats the floor- the very hard non cushioned, non bouncy floor. HARD LANDING, foot swells, pain follows :(

Couldnt practice the rest of the week, didnt do the halftime performance w my crew, and still limpin a lil bit now. Crazy thing is I'll be back to that same gym(God willing) as soon as I heal :) Below is the video of how it all went down (minus the fall itself)

Nonetheless, the halftime performance was great and MASSIVE MONKEES absolutely KILLED IT.

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