Monday, January 4, 2010



I wanna thank everyone who stuck with me thru 2009. Thanks for your dedication and consistency. 2010 brings alotta changes, and Imma try to keep yall posted as much as I can/make time for lol.

This week has me at Tulalip Casino's MPULSE Lounge THU-FRI, and SAN FRANSISCO on SAT for CRAZY LEGS' yes we can can. For more info on either event, click on their name. If you havent been to MPULSE yet, you GOTTA come check it. Casino gambling, drinks, food, club vibe, all of it all under one roof! Check my calendar for listings, then schedule a time to come out. Yes We Can Can is the canned food drive hosted by legendary B-Boy Crazy Legs of the ROCK STEADY CREW. Typically held in NYC, this event has branched out to the bay for the last 3 years. Hosting DJ's like Tony Touch, Apollo, Rich Medina, Davey D, Servin Ervin, Shortkut, and more. Other club nights comin up this month for me are Crocodile Fridays, and AURA once a month on Saturdays.

I plan to make some major changes to my website soon too, so be on the lookout for that. The changes will include a brand new interactive picture calendar, easier to navigate pages, updated pics, easy access to mixes, and a simple facelift.

This weeks mix is starting similar to how we started last year, with reggae. This mix is entitled ROOTS and is available HERE. The playlist includes Yabby You, Jacob Miller, Peter Tosh, Burning Spear, Capleton, U-Roy, Buju, The Congos and more. Go to my podcast page to catch up on previous mixes as well.

Lastly BIG UP to my guy MACKLEMORE. He got a new video out that's absolutely KILLLING it... People are lovin this one, and not just bcuz I'm in it. check it out below.


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