Monday, January 18, 2010

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Its been a minute since my last post and ALOT has happened. Me and my girlfriend Sade have been working really hard on getting her new album done and out to the public. Her first single "soldier of love" is making alotta noise and we're excited about it. I also went to the Bay last week for yes we can can. Yes we can can is my big bro crazy legs' bday celebration. Its been goin on in NY for 16 years, and more recently in the bay for the last 3. The event was a HUGE success and we filled 3 barrells of canned food for the local food bank. Big up to everyone involved Fran Boogie, Mona Lisa Reyes, Mr E, Alex Aquino, Shortkut, Wish1, Golden Chyld, Honeydips, Bail Rock, T Dubb, Davey D, Nina Parks, Similak Chyld, Crystal, Tara and everyone else who helped out. THANK YOU.

I got my a** kicked by NPC california figure champion Mona Lisa Reyes in the gym, this girl looks like she's nice, acts nice, but in the gym she's a BEAST… kicked my butt! for more info click GO TEAM MO! Me and my guy T Dubb chopped it up for a sec and put 2010 in perspective. I also gotta chance to stop by Q Berts Scratch University for some hands on instruction. Safe to say I got to soak up alotta game. Thanks for everything bro, lemme know when u wanna get back on that chess board homee :)

All i can say about the bay is WOW… I love it. Papalote's is the spot, the club was great, weather good, very productive (solo) trip. Like Ahhnold says "I'll be bahck"

Be sure to check out my latest mix by clicking here. This weeks mix is a collabo of all aquarius/january born artists. I couldnt include all of em but i did include a bunch of them. Including my gf Sade.

Now on to a more serious issue. If you havent already donated to haiti relief please do so by texting 'HAITI' to 90999. Our combined efforts will make a difference. If you can make it out in person to come support the cause please join us tonite at NECTAR LOUNGE for a fund raising effort. See the flier below for details. See you there.

until next time, be well

DV One

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