Monday, October 26, 2009

Sooooo.. been a while huh??

I know, I know ok.. sorrry.. Ive been extra, extra busy with travel, recording, parenthood, work, and play. I even got to see Tour Mama for a lil bit last week. GIVE THANKS! Anyway since the last time i wrote in this blog (20 trips, and 10 weeks ago) ALOTTT has happened. Ive done several lil mixes, got a PODCAST page, did redbull 45's in 2 cities, BIG TUNE in 8, all of the seahawks 09 home games to date, a sounders event with RPS, Tulalip Casino, Ramadan, and PLENTY more... Oh yeah did I mention vegas, with De La Soul, Alchemist, and JUST BLAZE?? yeah that too.. Oh yeah and thanks again Las Vegas, you gave me the gamblin bug... GREAT!

So because I've been delinquent on the blog imma give yall double whatchu normally get.. 2 pix and 2 videos. So many stories to tell, from Seattle, to Hawaii, to NYC, ATL, New Orleans, Detroit, Chicago, Vegas like 4 times, Minneapolis, Butte, Texas, New Jersey..its been NONSTOP. Which is why I'm happy to just be home for a lil bit, even if its just a week, I'll take it. The expired milk in my fridge has been replaced, and I restocked the cupboards.
We'll save the stories for when there's more time to talk... For now I'll leave you with some visuals and a glimpse into the future. The next few months, and upcoming year, are set to look really great... From remix projects, to more club ventures, radio, and travel... LETS GET IT YALL! Be sure to download my latest mix, and stay tuned for more to come...

But whatever you do... most importantly... be safe, as the following video demonstrates...(kinda)

Rest In Paradise to a major inspiration, legend, champion, and personal friend... Grand Master Roc Raida. We love you, and miss you bro...

ROC RAIDA TRIBUTE | DJ CRAZE from 13thWitness™ on Vimeo.

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  1. WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!..PUMP! PUMP! PUMP IT UP!!!!! haha yeah thats the hype I